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|Drug-Addicted Youth Resocialization.
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Drug-Addicted Youth Resocialization Center “Dzherelo”
DAYRC “Dzherelo” is situated in Ochakov district, Nilolaev region. Here drug-addicted people learn to turn life over a new leaf. The word resocialization by itself means, that people do not simply stop taking drugs, but they do learn how to create purely new relations with the outward things: society, relatives, friends. As a matter of fact their previous experience brought them to drug abuse and alcohol consumption, which is like any other kind of narcotic destroys the individuality, families, destinies and makes a person completely dependent.

As you have already understood, the residential facility “Dzherelo” has nothing to do with the hospital or a clinic where you get rid of withdrawal symptoms.
The center is not a prison and those who want to leave can freely do it. That is why it is desirable so that people who come for rehabilitation really wanted to change their lives. The official project age range is 18-35 years old, but exclusions are possible. Primarily, the addict’s will to change is the most important thing, otherwise it becomes the problem of his surrounding.

And, in particular, his nearest and dearest can forge this interest in sober and honest living. It is important to mention that addict’s recovery is, actually, the recovery of his family and close ones. In other words, the integrated treatment of the whole family lies in the building of new relationship. There is no place for drugs, lies, offence, anger and hatred, and other things which are brought to life by the addict. In order to get that done there is a “Three-days meeting” at “Dzherelo”. It is a range of events and actions, which help to unite parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, siblings. “Three-days meetings” take place two times a year. All the participants get energized during them. At first relatives get a little hope which soon turns into a confidence, that everything is going to be all right, because they see how their children change and what is fake and what is true.

The institution consists of two Houses: “Istochnik”(“The Source” )and “Svetlyi Dom”(“The Light House”), where the former addict’s New Individuality development takes place.
The third House is about to be open and the project participants will give it a name.

The main qualities of a successful person are the will to change for better and to refine oneself. And our project participants tend exactly to being successful and worthy members of society.
The addict’s recovery at the center consists of 4 main project stages.
1 stage. “Clean-up”. The new project participant gets rid of old habits and bad manners. He makes the first steps towards new relationship with relatives and society in the whole. It is when the soul-searching starts.

2 stage. During this stage guys try to find the answer to the question: “Who am I?” They slowly start building up their individuality without drugs. They evaluate their strong and weak qualities, fight their complexes, learn how to love and be in harmony with themselves. They develop new skills, build official and friendly relations.
3 stage. The main idea of the work is the communication with society. The participants learn how to practice project skills for socializing outside the House. And they also spend much time helping newcomers in going through the stages.
4 stage. “Socializing”. It is social inclusion. During this stage guys look and apply for a job or studying, they learn to live “in society”.
I would like to point out that in the Houses there are no supervisors or doctors, who would obtrude the former addicts any opinions. The thing is that during going through the stages the participants themselves help the junior and newcomers.
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